Juggernaut Labz Beast Two

Juggernaut Labz Beast Two


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Juggernaut Labz Beast Two is also known as 4-DHEA – a compound that converts into the super hormone Testosterone and provides with massive muscle gains and increased sex drive. You can feel like a tough big man again! Your body already produces Testosterone, but with Beast Two, you will get a massive increase which then leads to more aggression and bulk muscle.


This prohormone is great for those looking to cut/trim down or bulk. Depending on your diet, it’s perfect for each because it focuses on building lean mass and getting you stronger. It’s also a great prohormone to stack with other prohormones to increase their effects. This is safe to do because it is a non-methylated prohormone.


Beast Two works so well because it is backed up by science and works with your body. 4-Andro is also called 4-DHEA, which is super popular by bodybuilders because it provides massive gains and aggression.

This Prohormone is safe to use and converts to Testosterone by a two-step process. It first converts to 4-Androstenediol, and then into Testosterone. While undergoing this process, the 4-DHEA molecule gets attached to an enanthate ester which makes it time-released and makes the effects to have a higher conversion rate than just normal 4-DHEA. This means you get more Testosterone conversation and you feel the effects faster and the effects stay in your body way longer because of the time release.

Once 4-Andro is converted into your system fully, you get anabolic and androgenic effects, meaning increased strength and muscles. This ultimately improves protein synthesis, therefor getting those massive gains and strength. Because 4-Andro doesn’t have calorie burning thermogenic properties, the conversion helps with gain strength and weight gain!

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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